About Me

I am a psychologist, media producer, and story consultant. I have a doctorate in psychology from Indiana University and a decade of experience researching how humans think. I also have years of experience in story crafting. I have worked as a journalist, producing stories for NPR, and I am the executive director of a nonprofit organization that trains individuals in the art of storytelling.

As a story consultant, I work with businesses, researchers, and individuals. I consult businesses in their marketing strategies. I coach researchers in effective presentation of data through storytelling, and I work with individuals to support them in public presentations, job interviews, and speaking engagements– all by teaching them how to use narrative to grab their listeners’ attention and make a memorable and lasting impact.

You can find out more about my consulting on the corresponding tabs on this website. I offer free initial 30 minute consultations in which we talk about how we can work together. You can set up a free initial consultation by emailing me at cantrell [dot] lisa [dot] come. I look forward to meeting and working with you.


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