Business Storytelling

Storytelling is essential for successful marketing and branding of your business.  I work with businesses using a 3-step process to ensure that our work is meaningful and has concrete returns.

  1. When I sit down with a client, I first dive deep with them to discover why they do what they do (their mission) and uncover the unique contributions they offer their target market.
  2. I then work with my clients to create their business’ mission story—one that is authentic, highlights their uniqueness, and resonates with their ideal audience.
  3. Along the way, I teach my clients storytelling strategies based in psychological research that give them a marketing advantage—strategies they can use as they continue to hone their brand.

I want businesses to understand their own mission and beautifully present it to the public. I use this three-step process to support them so that ultimately they can connect with their ideal clients and be successful.



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